Thursday, 21 February 2008

Watch Smallville Episodes Online - You Can See Them All!

Hi Guys just a quick update as it is getting late here! The last post i told you how you can Watch Smallville Fracture and you can by CLICKING HERE which is the latest episode of Smallville to hit the screens!

I think the next episode of Smallville to come will be "Hero" but don't quote me on this! You can get to Watch Smallville Fracture by clicking HERE if you missed it!

So if you are still waiting to see Smallville Fracture don't miss it as in the episode we get to see inside Lex's mind! Very messy!

Also Clark has to watch Lex and Lana make love! Lucky guy Lex!

Anyway that's all from me for tonight Click the link below to Watch Smallville Online Today:

Watch Smallville Fracture

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Mahinder Singh said...

The Best Superman TV series Ever IMO. This show is even better than Superman Returns the Movie. Great cast, cool fight scenes( even tho they could be longer ) , great stories. We are in the last season now, season 10, i do hope they continue if the ratings pull way up, i think this show can go on for a few more seasons. I love this show and i enjoy ever min of it. :) Here i watch Smallville online ,it has become a show that barely resembles anything that it was originally but for the most part it's become stronger for it as a unique origin story of the greatest superhero of all time.